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Plenty To Like And Dislike In Quot Twilight Quot

Since the first trailer of Twilight surface on YouTube, are constantly kept d eye for news and specials on TV next film. After seeing the movie on opening weekend, Saturday I have in theater for some time to discuss whether I liked it or not, and the truth is that still a kind of tossup. At first I was excited as any squealing Twilight fan, but I soon learned I had to lower my expectations or else I would be disappointed. All the time I found things to like and dislike about the way in which he recounted the history of film.
3.12.08 16:28

Amy Winehouse Quot Meets With Divorce Lawyers Quot

The singer is understood to have met with lawyers in the hospital, where he received treatment since falling ill last weekend at his home in London.. Amy Winehouse spoken to divorce lawyers yesterday (2nd November) amid reports it is set to leave her husband.
3.12.08 16:28

Keira Quot Joy At Sienna Friend

007 and beauty Gemma Arterton, 22, has been spied at Children Baftas near Park Lane. No signs of action hero Daniel Craig with her, though. Keira Knightley beams brightly as she raises with NTSC screen Sienna Miller to an awards bash last night. Maybe it was washing his swimming trunks .... The Edge of Love co-stars Keira, 23, and Siena, 26, proved a real double act at the London film event.
3.12.08 16:28

Soccer Sale Prices Out Beckham

The number of hits pop-ups when a name is typed into Google is often a measure of a person reputation. David Beckham L ubiquitous, that grace these shores for the second time next week, 15.6 million records in a stupefyingly fast 0.05 seconds..
3.12.08 16:28

Angelina Jolie Quot I Have No Regrets Quot

I m one of those people who think you just cannot regret things in life, says Jolie. But Angelina says the ups and downs that has lived has made her the person who is today. Over the years, Jolie, 33, admitted that he fought depression, drug addiction, two broken marriages and a public rift with his father, actor Jon Voight. Angelina Jolie Oscar winner has had a colorful past, but has no regrets. You must feel confident that it was all part of the journey .
3.12.08 16:28


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